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Energy Care Holding

Energy Care Holding is one of the leading organizations in the field of Energy & Electricity in the MENA region; it offers an end to end energy distribution automation products & technology suite to address the biggest challenges of our current energy management systems. Currently, ENERGY CARE is establishing its new industrial project moving from trading services solutions to a new modernize manufacturing facility through a partnership agreement with Linyang; a world-class company specialized in electronics, smart metering, AMI and communication technologies with strong research and development capabilities and track record of success worldwide. Energy Care is a sister company for Vision International and under the same umbrella of top management.

Knowledge Academy

KNOWLEDGE is one of the leading training companies & business schools in Egypt, since 2002, KNOWLEDGE has been offering the Mini MBA as the program that will give you an ever-lasting competitive advantage. You will «Talk the talk, and walk the walk» of the MBA holders in less than 8 months. Vision International in association with Knowledge Academy offer Mini MBA for the first time in Saudi Arabia, our Mini-MBA is a comprehensive training program that provides participants with the core knowledge and skills, essential concepts and tools as provided in the full-fledged MBA program, yet quicker and more cost-effective. You will acquire the business skills essential for success in today›s highly competitive business environment. More details about our Mini-MBA are available here

Brain Train

BrainTrain is a company led by inspiring group of businessmen who aim to elevate the level of knowledge management and talent development in the region, they do business-to-business solutions to develop their clients’ investment. BrainTrain does not compromise the ethics of respect and integrity with its clients, it defines the diffusion of knowledge through consultation and training.


The Meaning Of Powerful Partnership

At Vision International we tend to see ourselves as business partners or in other terms a “success partner”.
our aim is always to seek what is best for the establishment the mere idea of Wanting to succeed is not enough for us — with our partners we need to be confident that they can reach a successful resolution. Openness is imperative – issues that could potentially block a successful resolution should always be surfaced and dealt with one step at a time.

In order to create a healthy business one of The first steps to building a strategic partnership is to identify which firms could help you achieve key goals and give you competitive advantage, Vision International seeks always to create a customized solution that helps in providing a broader horizon full of opportunities that are suitable for each and every department in the business segmentation. A healthy progress would be to invest in your staff and by that your business’ revenues and profits will start to grow. And, if you make these partnerships exclusive, you can gain critical competitive advantage.


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