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Different perceptions


At Vision We tend to deal with your problem as a case that should be well investigated for, defined and addressed to be able to comprehend the key elements of the problem being faced; thus, customizing the best tool to solve it. What you might think is your problem could be far away from it. Upon determining the real reasons behind your problem, it’s now easy for us to define the right tools to remove it, or sometimes it takes us to combine tools together or even inventing new tools to make sure it’s the most effective remedy for your problem.


Eliminating hindrances


By implementing the right tools (Solution) to clarify the vision, we make sure our consulting assignments, training projects or learning solutions are customized to match your specific needs which saves cost, time and avoid the disturbing phenomena of having to repeat the solution over and over again with none or low impact each time.


Sustaining clarity


To sustain the outcomes, Vision International follows up by creating post-assignment activities to make sure your vision remains clear after we leave. This may include various tools and methods, whether it was a team building activity or a Training session what we aim for is to keep the spirits, collaboration and productivity at its peak.




One of the most common challenges facing training professionals in companies and organizations is the gap they still find between the skills learnt during the training and the implementation of it on the day-to-day work and how to transform learning into a concrete work objectives and daily tasks. Actually this gap happens most commonly due to participant’s inability to practice what they learnt by their own. If learning is not transferred into practice during the training course, then knowledge is the only thing participants can take out of the training room. And knowledge alone is what makes Soft-Skills an example for the most frequent problem facing any organization. Since it’s not knowledge to obtain, rather a skill to acquire and turn into a habit. At Vision International, we’re fully aware of the knowledge curve and skill growth ratios, we overcome this challenge by focusing on practice-based training courses that depends on interactivity and mano-a-mano practice during the training.


The Training was great… Yet, not for my career/company!


There comes the second problem for any training professional, people attend the training but they face struggles implementing it on their work-industry , work-nature or their own company’s features. This problem was tackled by Vision International through the investment it made in its Design & Development function. Vision International offers its courses on the following customization scales:

•  A Level Customization: having the course designed on the actual needs of participants, not on specific course content.
• B Level Customization: Having the course designed and customized on the organization industry i.e. Banking, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, etc.
• C Level Customization: Having the course designed and customized on the organization itself i.e. ABC Company for Manufacturing has the course designed on its own cases, systems and terminologies.


Our Research and Development team is working excessively towards creation and innovation in learning trends that delivers the utmost benefit for our clients.

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