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Since its inception in 2012, VISION started to envisage its realm of services to the Saudi business community though it was in its early phases of development. Building on the experience and qualification of its core team; VISION was able to cope with the rapid

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Vision Attending the ATD in Orlando – USA.


There have been a number of dramatic changes in the business community and the local, regional and global markets during recent years. Globalization, Mass of information availability, New technologies, Global trade agreements, Privatization, and The major social and environmental trends that are reshaping business strategy and markets, where corporations and business leaders are increasingly engaged to provide solutions for setting there companies on a course of profitable growth that reward owners and shareholders, serves society, and protect the environment.
The adoption of newer technologies and information technologies has become crucial to the decision support and a competitive edge not only in terms of service, production and delivery but also in terms of cost effectiveness and timeliness. In addition the improvement of production systems through technologies and processes that utilize resources more efficiently and at the same time produce less wastes- ACHIEVE MORE WITH LESS- is an important pathway towards sustainability for business and industry.
Lately, outsourcing become a method for corporations to get things done with less management headache, headcount responsibility and cost yet with better effectiveness

 This dramatic shift in the market, require an equally progressive & innovative ways of serving the Client’ needs, and for that purpose we have formed our company- VISION – with scope of supply that is designed to provide that new level of engagement.Organizational Structure Vision International for Management Consultancy and Training– VISION – is an Saudi Limited Liability company established under the auspices of the company’s law No. —- for —–, and its executive regulation, and the Capital Markets law no — for —- and its executive regulations. VISION was formulated for the purpose of providing a state-of the-art Training and management services for the financial markets universe who wish to make a good and useful use of the financial and Training products and solutions available both in the local and regional markets. VISION was established on the shoulders of a group of highly qualified, highly professional group of ambidextrous training and financial professionals who possess a strong hands on experience in all the fields of finance, training, and management. The company is also leaning on the strength and experience of a group of hand-picked associates who provide our clients with all their requirements on a highly professional, timely fashioned manners.


We start executing the solutions with


Developing managerial competencies and boosting job performance through a reputable continuous education program .



The CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) credential demonstrates a mastery of management accounting knowledge and skills


“It’s all about Marketing”
The word that’s commonly used to describe the factor behind a great success of any organization.


Finance function performs the management, creation and study of money, banking, credit, investments, assets and liabilities.



Technical training is the process of teaching employees how to more accurately and thoroughly perform the technical components of their jobs.



Being experienced and highly acquainted of human talents in Gulf Area and Europe, we provide headhunting services to support companies .


Business Skills
Leadership & Management